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Applican Geofence Time Attendance App

With the Applican Geofence Time Attendance Smartphone App, with applications for both Apple iPhones using IOS and Android Smartphones, companies can set virtual geographical boundaries on remote work sites for employees to clock in and out of working on site.

Our time clocking App uses technologies such as GPS and cellular data to build a ‘virtual fence’ or geofence around the specified location.

Geofence Clocking In and Out

The app can automatically clock employees in and out of work, which can save time and reduce errors. The Geofence App also tracks employee time spent at different locations, logging the hours automatically to the site’s timesheet, which can be helpful for businesses that have employees who work from multiple locations.

Skills and Qualifications

Validate your qualifications with CITB in a secure cloud-based environment that can be shared with contractors.

Site Visibility

View co-workers on site, receive safety notifications and get accurate data in real-time enabling improved productivity and reduce risk.

Why use a Geofence Time Attendance App?

Biometric time clocks are far better for businesses than using manual time sheets because they produce accurate timesheets that are more accurate, secure, and convenient.

Biometric time clocks and the timesheets they produce are more accurate because they use biometric data, such as fingerprints or facial recognition, to track employee attendance. This type of system is less likely to be tampered with, manipulated or lost than traditional paper timesheets.

Biometric time clocks are more secure because they are less likely to be accessed by unauthorised individuals. Biometric data is stored securely, and employees can only clock in or out using their own biometric data.

Biometric time clocks are more convenient for workers and employers because they can be used to clock in and out of work sites quickly and easily. Employees can simply swipe their finger print or scan their face on the time clock, and their attendance will be recorded.

Overall, biometric time clocks are a more accurate, secure, and convenient way to track employee attendance than traditional manual time sheets.

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