Project Description

Add an operative to site

All operatives assed to your dashboard can be added to Site. By adding Operatives to Site you can manage your job efficiently, ensuring that all operatives hold a valid CITB Card and are clocking in and out correctly.

Add an operative to site Applican Clocking In Biometric Time Attendance System

To add an operative to a site

  • Go to your Site dashboard.
  • Above the operative table click on the tab, Available Operatives or Operatives on Other Sites
  • Find the operative and click the ‘+’ button to allocate them to site. The operative is now successfully added and visible in the Operatives Allocated table.


* An operative can be allocated to multiple sites. 

* Operatives MUST be assigned to a site in your Applican Dashboard before they are added to a biometric clock to start clocking in/out.