Project Description

Controlling access to your dashboard

Control all users access to your dashboard information with our 3 role types specifically created to grant varying levels of access to your private and secure data.

Note: Article is part of our series: 5 features to fast track your workflow

Our second feature in our series focuses again on security. Access privileges determine what information your users can browse or edit, what information appears in search results, and what can be added to your dashboard. It is very important to give serious thought to whom is granted what privileges when it comes to your private information.

Admin Role

An admin role will give a user full access to your dashboard and should be considered at least twice before applying it to your user. Only those senior trusted users in your operatives list should hold this role as it can be used to read, write and delete all data. An example would be to grant this role to all Directors at your company.

Manager Role

Our manager role is a safe middle ground to give a user access to your dashboard and manage the daily tasks expected of their position. However does not allow malicious behavior such as deleting important information on your dashboard.

Operative Role

An operative role is our default and safe role to be given to all your operatives who do not need access to your dashboard. However do require access to the applican app. There operatives can use our suite of features to validate their CITB cards and only view Sites they are allocated to.