Project Description

Create an Operative Account in the Applican App

Applican allows you to prove your skills, HS&E tests and CITB qualifications to employers – for free.

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Applican is a simple to use app that allows you to upload and validate any CITB qualifications such as CSCS, CPCS, CIRSR cards for site compliance. You can then share your Applican profile with any UK Construction Contractor using Applican to demonstrate your skillset and apply for a job.

To create an account simply download the Applican App from the link in SMS the contractor sent you or download it directly in the app stores and register.

After Registering you will receive an email from Applican asking you to verify your email. Make sure you verify your account as this will give you more access to functionality in applican


Registration is fast and easy. There are 4 steps:

  • Login Details
    Name, mobile phone number (or) email and choose a password to create your account.
  • Trade
    State your Trade so Contractors know your skillset
  • CITB Card Validation
    Validate your CITB Card (CSCS,CPCS,CIRSR) to demonstrate your trade and experience. Note – You must have a valid card to connect with a contractor.
  • Connect with your Contractor
    Join your Contractors Applican account  if you have been invited by them or you can search for your Contractor. Once connected, the Contractor can review your profile and CITB card(s) and add you to their account.