Project Description

Enrol New Starter on Biometric Site Clock

Once you ‘Accept’ the Operatives ‘Join Request’  it will add the Operatives name to the Biometric Device so you can enroll them. This will then allow them to clock in and out. It may take a few minutes for the device to sync so if you don’t see their name straight away, check again in a couple of minutes.

  • Search for User

On the Biometric Device, Click on Menu (6 dots on screen) → ‘User Mgt.’ → ‘All Users’, search for their name (start from first name). Click on their name and click ‘Edit’.

  • Scan their Face

Click on ‘Face’ and follow the instructions

  • Scan their Finger

Click on ‘Fingerprint’ and follow the instructions

That’s it! They are now enrolled and can clock in and out. You will see their clock in times on your site dashboard and can pull Timesheets from the report section in Applican.

Site manager “How To Guide” print out

Download and print out a simple 1 page instruction sheet attached onboarding new operatives for the Site Management Team.

VIEW – Applican New Starter Instructions