Project Description

How do operatives clock in and out on mobile sites

With applican you can set up and run a geofenced mobile clock on your site. This means operatives can simply clock in and out of a site using the applican App.

To clock in and out an operative must:

  • Open the App
  • Click on the Site in their App they wish to clock on or out on.
  • Click on the blue ‘Ready to Clock In?’ button under the map of the site
  • Click ‘Clock In’ 
  • DONE! You are now clocked-in

Note * You can repeat the same process to clock out  * Location services should be enabled  to use this functionality

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FAQ: Can I clock in and out on multiple sites?

Operatives must clock in and out on each applican site (i.e. you can not clock in on Site A in the morning, then clock out on mobile on Site B in the evening). The reason for this is so that managers know whose on-site right now in case of emergencies.