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How to Accept a Join Request from a New Starter

A Join Request is when someone whats to Join Your Account in Applican. Once joined, they can be allocated to site and clock in. 

How to Accept a Join Request Video

How to Accept a Join Request Step-by-Step

You will receive a Join Request when an Operative registers with the Applican App after being invited by you. You can also receive a Join Request if an Operatives downloads the app and manual sends you a Join Request.

  • You will receive a Notification when you receive a Join Request. Click on the Notification
  • Join requests will appear under your Operatives Table. You can either Accept or Deny a request.
  • Before deciding your action, you can review the Operatives Profile by clicking on the Operative.
  • In this example, the Operative requesting to Join your account has failed the CITB Validation.

Accepting an operative means he will be listed under your applican account and the Operative will be updated with your decision.