Project Description

How to add a message to a site

Applican offers you the ability to communicate directly with each and every one of your operatives directly and instantly via your site dashbord and applican app.

How to add a message to a site Applican Clocking In Biometric Time Attendance System

Create your message

Once a site is created, to send a message you must go to your site dashboard and:

  • Click the “Send Message” button
  • Add your message.
  • Choose a ‘time to live” for your message. This is the length of time you wish the message to be visible on your dashboard
  • Click ‘Send’

On completion applican will send your message instantly to all your operatives that are currently allocated to this Site. They will receive the message as a notification within the applican app.

Note * operatives must have the app downloaded to receive messages through applican