Project Description

How to Add a New Operative As a Contractor

As a Contractor you can create a profile on behalf of the Operative which will automatically add them to your account and add them to the Biometric Clock. You can then ’email’/ SMS the Operative to their details so that they can then create a password and manage their profile.

How to create a profile:

  • Login as Contractor
  • Go to ‘Operative’ Section
  • Click ‘+ Add Operative’ button at the top of the page
  • Fill in the form and click ‘Save’ – this will create the profile and add them to the Biometric clock (may take a few mins depending on your internet connection).
  • Email/SMS the Operative and invite to join applican and create a password for their account so that they can add more information to their profile e.g. CITB Qualifications, Next of Kin..