Project Description

How to Add Start Time Working Hours and Breaks to a Site


You can add a Sites Working Hours so that an Operatives Hours are calculated from when work starts and not before. You can also set Breaks for the Site. If you add a Start time for a Site or Break, you can then select the Working Hours / Break Hours Filter in Timesheet Reports which will automatically apply when calculating Total Working Hours e.g.

Start Time = 07:00

Operative Clocks in at 06:30

When Working Hours filter is applied in Timesheet reports, Operatives Clock in time will start from 07:00

How to Site Working Hours and Breaks

  • Go to Site Dashboard where you want to assign the working hours or break
  • Click on ‘Edit
  • Select ‘Timeclock Management’ tab
  • Set the Hours and Break Times you wish to apply
  • Click Save

How to Run a Report using this Site Working Hours and Breaks

To Apply these when running a Timesheet Report go the the Report Section. Then apply the appropriate Filters and Run the Timesheet Report.