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How to Invite Operatives/new starters to your Account

Adding Operatives to your company

Step by Step Guide

Send them a SMS Text Invite

You can invite an Operative via SMS Text directly from Applican. This will send them a link to the account registration page. When they register, you will be notified and can review their profile before accepting or declining their Join Request.

To send an SMS Invite:

  • Click on Invite Operatives at the top of the page

Enter in Operatives names and numbers manually or upload a CSV. using the CSV Template and click Next

  • Add your own personal message in the text e.g. Please complete by Friday. Applican will provide instructions on how to register in the text.
  • Click Send Invites

My Operative doesnt have a phone?

If an Operative has not got access to a phone, then they can create a account online (Note – They will have to manually search for your Contractors account and send you a ‘Join Request’).

Click on the following link to create a Operative Account online: