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How to Reactivate an Operative


Any Operative that has been deleted from Applican can be reactivated. This means that they will be added back to your Applican account. They will also be automatically put back on the Timeclocks on site however they will have to be re-enrolled with their Finger and Face.

How to Reactivate an Operative

  • Login to Applican
  • Go to the Operative Table
  • Click on ‘Archive
  • Find the Operative you wish to Reactivate and click on their Name
  • Click on ‘Reactivate‘ in the bottom right hand corner

Note – There are two types of Operative Profiles.

  • Contractor Created Profiles
  • Operative Created Profiles.

Contractor Created Profile

If the Contractor created the profile on behalf of the Operative (via +Add Operative), this will reactivate the operative straight away and add them back into the account.

You can tell if the Contractor created the Profile because it will say ‘unconfirmed profile’ by the Operatives name (unconfirmed because the operative has not signed in to that applican account).

Reactivate‘ in the bottom right hand corner

Operative Created Profile

If the Operative Created their Profile via the Applican App – When you click ‘Reactivate’ this will send the Operative an App Notification making them aware that you want them to Join their account. All they simply have to do is click Accept and that will send you a notification letting you know they accepted and have been added to your account.

How to Accept a Reactivation Request from a Contractor in the App

When a Contractor clicks ‘Reactivate‘ the screen will update and make you aware a Join Request has been sent to the Operative

The Operative will receive a Notification in the app:

They then should click on the Profile Section and click on the arrow to accept the Join Request

Then simply click on Accept and that will add their profile back to the Contractors Applican Account.

Once the Operative Accepts, the Contractor will receive a Notification that the Operative has now been added back to their account.