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How to Report Using Grace Periods


You can add a Grace Period to Clock In and Outs so that start or end times are rounded up/down. If you add a Grace Period for a Site, you can then select the Grace Period Filter in Timesheet Reports which will automatically apply the grace period when calculating Total Working Hours e.g.

Grace Period for Clocking In = 5mins

Site Start Time = 07:00

Operative Clocks in at 07:04

When Grace Period filter applied in Timesheet reports, Operatives Clock in time will start from 07:00

How to Report using Grace Periods

  • Firstly, Working Hours and Grace Periods must be set for the Site
  • Click on the Reporting Section in Applican
  • Select the Site and timeframe you want to report on
  • Click the tick boxes for Start Working Hours and Grace Period
  • Click Run Report
  • This will run the report and calculate the Total and Daily Working Hours based on the Start Hours and Grace Periods set.
    • *Note – Applican will still show the Actual Start and End Times however, the calculations are rounded up/down based on filters set
How to Report Using Grace Periods Applican Clocking In Biometric Time Attendance System