Project Description

Managing your timeclock installations

Start and monitor the progress of all timeclock installations on site via your dashboard

Applican offers you the ability to easily set up and monitor geofenced or biometric timeclocks from your site dashboard. When a timeclock is required simply complete the installation process and our support team will review and work their magic to activate your service. No more time wasted on calls and emails.

It typically takes two/three working days for our geofence service or will require a site visit for our biometric solution. You will receive an email from applican once your setup has been completed or to arrange an installation date.

Oh and remember you can always view the status of your physical timeclock at any time from the comfort of your dashboard with green signifying an ‘online’ status. We will also send you a gentle reminder email if applican ever detects your device is offline for a prolonged period of time.