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Project Description

Operative App – Cards and Qualifications

By uploading your CITB Card to your profile and verifying it your Profile becomes more credible to Contractors which could lead to more and faster job offers. Applican can also validate any supported CITB cards.

Under the Cards area of the app you can manage your CITB cards. You can find the Card section by clicking on the card icon in the menu bar.


Contractor Request Reply

Once a Contractor replies to your request to join, you will receive a Notification alert and your Contractor request will be updated in the Profile Screen.

Operative App - Cards and Qualifications Applican Clocking In Biometric Time Attendance System

Validate your CITB Card

You can upload your CITB Card and validate it under the Card section in the app.

Note – You must have your Date of Birth entered in your Profile to validate your card. Your Date or Birth can be entered under the Profile section.

If you havent already validated your card during registration, simple click on the Card section and enter your Card Number and tap Validate. This will process your CSCS card and validate it against the CITB database.

View your CITB Qualifications

Once your CITB Card has been validated you will receive a notification and you can view your Qualifications associated with your card (e.g. Health and Safety qualifications) under the card section of the app.