Project Description

Operative App – Sites

The Sites section of the app is where you can find the Site(s) you have been allocated to by a Contractor.

The Site Detail screen for a site contains the following information about that site:

  • Site Name
  • Address
  • Map
  • No. of Operative on Site
  • No. of Operatives with a Valid CITB card (symbolised by Green Circle)
  • No. of Trades on Site
  • Management Team
  • Site Operatives


You can get site directions by clicking on the map and you can get in contact with the management team by simply tapping on the mobile icon next to their name.

Site Allocation/Remove/Transfer

When you are allocated/removed/transferred to a Site, you will receive a notification and the Site section of the app will update with the Site Details.

Operative App - Sites Applican Clocking In Biometric Time Attendance System