Project Description

Quick Start – Account Setup

This section will help you setup your Contractor Account for the first time.

Build you Company Profile

  • Click on your Profile Picture in the top right hand corner of the screen and select Company Settings
  • Fill in your company details and upload your company logo.
Create an Office Location
  • Click on Office Locations in the main menu.
  • Click Add Location to create a new office location
  • Fill in the details and click Save to create your first office location for your company
Adding Operatives to your company

Send them a SMS Text Invite

You can invite an Operative via SMS Text directly from Applican. This will send them a link to the account registration page. When they register, you will be notified and can review their profile before accepting or declining their Join Request.

To send an SMS Invite:

  • Click on Invite Operatives at the top of the page

Enter in Operatives names and numbers manually or upload a CSV. using the CSV Template and click Next

  • Add your own personal message in the text e.g. Please complete by Friday. Applican will provide instructions on how to register in the text.
  • Click Send Invites
Add Sites to your Account

Once you have your Account set up and Operatives under your account you can then assign them to a Site.

  • Click on Sites in the main menu


Click Add Site to create a new Site

  • Fill in the details including your company’s office Location responsible for the Site and click Save
Add Operatives to Site

Once you have created your Sites you can then allocate Operatives to a Site.

    1. Select the Site you want to add Operatives to
    2. Add Operatives to the Site via the the heading tab Available Operatives in the Operative Site table and click the [+] icon