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Project Description

Quick Start Guide – Operatives App

This section will help you setup your Personal Applican Account for the first time. Having a complete profile in Applican allows Contractors to view your experience and skill sets.

Download the Applican APP and Register

  1. Ask the Contractor / Site Manager to invite you to app
  2. Open the SMS and click on the App Download Link
  3. Create a new account and complete registration
  4. Once registered, you will enter the land in the Profile section fo the app.
  5. Complete your Profile:
    1. Upload a Profile Picture of yourself. This will be your Applican profile picture and will also serve as a safety measure if you are working for a Contractor in case of an incident on the site you are working on.
    2. Fill in your personal details so you can be contacted. This will help you if you are looking for work as it will make Contractors aware if are available for work in an area.
    3. Complete your Next of Kin under your Profile. This is very important so that your employer can contact someone in case of an emergency.
    4. Enter your Trade so companies or employers are aware of your profession.
  6. Ensure you have a valid CITB card in your Profile. This is the most important aspect to your profile as it demonstrates to your employers that you are safe and competent in your role on site. Without a valid CITB card you risk not being offered a job so ensure you have this section completed and validated.
  7. (If not already assigned to a Contractors account) Request to Join a Contractor’s account if you are currently working for a Contractor or have been asked to Contractor’s account.
    1. ***If you are not Joined to a Contractor, they will not be able to see your profile and enrol you on the Biometric Site Clock