Project Description

The easy way for site managers to run their site

So you have a new shiny applican timeclock on you site. Now what? How about the ability to view all your operatives currently working? Or maybe what time an operative clocked in today? Or perhaps even which of your operatives CITB cards are nearing expiry?

Note: Article is part of our series: 5 features to fast track your workflow

Applican provides these and more with its secure web and app based platform. If you are a Site Manager and do not already know about these features. Talk to head office and get them to add you to the Site Management Team for your site in applican. Heres a flavour of what you are missing out on by not viewing your site dashboard.

Dashboard matrix of real time on site statistics

Time clock activity log

Live CITB Compliance

Manage operatives actively working on your site

As well as…

  • Add new starters to site
  • Clock in/out times for all operatives working on site today
  • Send messages to all men working on site
  • Download a PDF site report

Next time our applican technician comes to do an install on your site. Ask him about the site dashboard. Its not just a boring old timeclock we are installing…