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Project Description

What is Applican

Applican is a innovative cloud based Biometric & Compliance Awareness Platform for the UK Construction Industry.

Contractor Functionality
  • Real-Time CITB Checks. Real-Time checks on Operatives on Site and potential Operatives
  • Biometric Site Clocks. Allowing Operatives to Clock in and Out Finger or Facial Recognition
  • Site Management. Manage Site locations
  • HR Management. Add Operatives to your business and assign them to a Site
Managing your Site and Operatives with Applican helps you achieve
  • A Safer Site. With real-time CITB checks you can be assured your Operatives have the correct and valid credentials to be on Site. This can result in a lower AIR & AFR.
  • Accurate and Automated Timesheets for Payroll via Biometric Site Clocks.
  • Increased Productivity. On Site and off Site by automating the onboarding process. Construction Skills Network Research shows a direct correlation between qualifications and productivity.
  • Derisk Liability. By proactively demonstrating compliance and the effort to ensure Site safety by verifying people on Site.
As a Operative using Applican you can
  • Create and manage your online Profile online in Applican for Contractors to see.
  • Validate your CITB card Credentials online against you profile leading to more and faster job offers from Contractors.
  • With Applican you can connect with the UK’s leading contractors which can lead to future jobs and opportunities.
Applican is available for both Contractors and Operatives and supports the following sectors: