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Why you should add a management team to your sites

Why you should add a management team to your sites Applican Clocking In Biometric Time Attendance System

Give your operatives the access required to manage their sites without compromising the privacy and security of your entire organisation.

Note: Article is part of our series: 5 features to fast track your workflow

In most cases you will want to grant your senior operatives the ability to login to applican and view the sites they physically manage but block others they are not, for example your Site Managers

Applican accommodates this by allowing the addition of any operative to a site management team. Which will grant access to the operative to view your applican dashboard but limited to only those sites they appear in the management team. Keeping all other private site data secure and inaccessible to anyone other than those with Admin and Manager roles.

What can your management team access?

  • Main dashboard with overview of all their sites
  • View of all their associated sites
  • View all operatives working across all their sites
  • View site dashboard for each of their sites
  • Add new starters to site
  • Allocate men to site
  • Send messages to men on their sites
  • Download a PDF site report