Manage Workforce Time Attendance Seamlessly Applican Clocking In Biometric Time Attendance System

Manage Workforce Time Attendance Seamlessly

Applican is a biometric time clock & timesheet solution for companies looking to easily manage remote workforce attendance and payroll. Applican offers both physical face recognition and fingerprint scan biometric time clock hardware solutions, as well as geofence remote worker monitoring solutions. Also, as a partner of CITB we help contractors run safer sites by ensuring every operative on site is compliant and has the right qualifications for the job.

Biometric Clocks & Timesheets

Control and monitor attendance of staff using biometric clocks with facial and fingerprint recognition technology. Securely manage operatives work hours on site and get accurate timesheet data for payroll and accounting in real time.

Geofence Time Attendance

Powerful, secure Geofence attendance monitoring via state-of-the-art Smartphone App and Technology. Monitor your teams work hours, anytime, anywhere and seamlessly move data to your payroll and accountancy systems.

Real Time Attendance Info

Increase efficiency and reduce costs with complete visibility of your businesses locations and workers. Who is at work, where and when. Ensure time attendance and payroll calculation decisions are made on real data, not assumptions.

Workplace Compliance Data

Clear visibility of all your worker’s skills & compliance data, securely stored in the Cloud. CITB connected for CSCS Card validation to help manage renewals, risk and ensure compliance across all of your employees and locations.